Why am I running for County Commissioner?

I have been asked this question frequently lately, sometimes with amazement and a rise in the voice that means “Why in the world would you run for public office?”

There are two main reasons:

  • I have been saddened by the current discourse in our culture around public policy. Instead of working toward solutions that will address current issues, people tend to attack others and their opinions instead of listening to each other’s concerns. I want to emphasize the qualities of civility and service as the standard in being a public servant.
  • I have a long history of serving our community as a volunteer and through my professional career – first as a Health Education Specialist for the Jackson County Department of Public Health and as a public school teacher in Jackson County. I wasn’t recruited to run by a party or special interest group. I chose to run because I feel that serving Jackson County on the Board of Commissioners would be a next step in serving my community. I love Jackson County!

My husband and I have talked about my running for public office over the past several years and this January Phil said to me, “Well, if you are going to do this, you better do it now. You are not getting any younger.”

So – now is the time. I look forward to the opportunity to serve our community as a County Commissioner.